BRI-ME Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer Course


The Certified Blockchain Developer-Hyperledger Fabric course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and expertise to become certified Hyperledger Fabric developers. The goal of this course is to build a complete understanding of Hyperledger Fabric through knowing and practicing the essential development skills and knowledge to design and implement a permissioned blockchain solution for different business use cases.


This course is catered to software engineers, developers, application & network architects, and blockchain enthusiasts.


  • Certificate of Attendance of BRI-ME Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer Course
  • Certificate of Achievement of BRI-ME Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer Course


  • Group 1: 17 – 21 May (4 days); 4:30 to 8:00pm
  • Group 2: 24 – 28 May (4 days); 4:30 to 8:00pm


Module 1: Blockchain fundamentals overview.

Module 2: Hyperledger fabric model.

Module 3: Blockchain network.

Module 4: Network actors’ Identity.

Module 5: Membership services provider (MSP).

Module 6: Fabric polices.

Module 7: All about the ledger.

Module 8: The ordering service.

Module 9: Smart contracts and the chaincode.

Module 10: Chaincode lifecycle.

Module 11: Configuring data privacy.

Module 12: Channels.

Module 13: Security configuration

Module 14: Course project development and evaluation


6 days, 4 hours/Day.


Al-fardan office towers, 8th floor, pearl hall


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    Our Certificates

    Upon the completion of this course a certificate issued by BRI-ME will be granted.