Noureddine Lasla
Blockchain Consultant

Dr. Noureddine Lasla is a computer scientist with more than five years of hands-on experience in Blockchain technology as both a researcher and developer. Since 2017, he worked as a Blockchain Research Fellow in Qatar Mobility Innovation Center (QMIC) and then Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), and has published more than ten Blockchain scientific articles and prototyped multiple blockchain-based solutions.

Dr. Noureddine is well experienced in cyber-security and distributed systems and has done research related to consensus algorithms, network performances, system architecture and privacy. He has developed a novel lightweight Bitcoin simulator and an energy-efficient consensus algorithm for public blockchain. Dr. Noureddine has implemented a series of complex software components, including a consortium blockchain network based on Ethereum to build Blockchain-based platforms for P2P energy trading, stock-exchange and ride-sharing. Dr. Noureddine was also the PI in an RRC-QNRF award to address COVID-19. The project, called Mokafaa, aimed to implement a transparent reward system (using blockchain technology) to incentivize people to commit to confinement during the pandemic.